Beta Arbutin(BA)



Beta arbutin is theactive substance originated from natural plant which can whiten and lightenskin. It can infiltrate into the skin quickly without affecting theconcentration of cell multiplication and effectively prevent activity oftyrosinase in the skin and the forming of melanin. By combined arbutin withtyrosinase, decomposition and drainage of melanin are accelerated, splash andfleck can be got ride of and no side effects are caused. Beta arbutin isone of the safest and most efficient whitening materials that are popular atpresent. Beta arbutin is also the most competitive whitening activity in the21st century.

INCI Name: Arbutin

CAS No.: 497-76-7

Solubility: Water soluble with heated

Appearance: White crystalline powder


Skin lighten,Whiten and dispel fleck

Prevent ultraviolet radiation

Enhance immune system.It is good for our enteric disease

It has antiphlogistic and analgesic function to burn and scald.

An anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agent. Used particularly for cystitis,urethritis and pyelitis.

Typical Application: whitens , bleaching , lighten dark spots .

Typical use level : 7.0% Max.

Standard Packing : 1kg /foli. bag , 1*20pcs per drum

Shelf Life :2 years

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