Ascorbic Acid 2-Glucoside(AA2G)

Ascorbic Acid 2-Glucoside


Ascorbic Acid 2-Glucoside is natural vitamin C (ascorbic acid)stabilised with glucose. This combination allows the benefits of vitamin C to be conveniently and effectively used in cosmetic products. When creams and lotions containing AA2G are applied to the skin, an enzyme present in the skin, α-glucosidase, acts on the AA2G to slowly release the healthful benefits of vitamin C.

INCI Name: Ascorbyl Glucoside

CAS No.: 129499-78-1

Solubility: Water soluble

Appearance: White, cream-colored powder


Moisturizing Agents

Sunscreen Agents > UV Filters / Sunscreens

Lightening / Whitening Agents

Anti-aging Agents

Anti-wrinkle Agents



Typical Application:

Sun care (Sun protection, After-sun & Self-tanning) > Sun protection

Skin care (Facial care, Facial cleansing, Body care, Baby care)

Typical use level : Whitening (quasi drug): 2% , Anti‐ageing & Sun care: 1%

Standard Packing : 1kg /foli. bag , 1*20pcs per drum

Shelf Life :2 years















Ascorbic Acid 2-Glucoside is natural vitamin C (ascorbic acid) stabilised with glucose. Since AA-2G does not release ascorbic acid instantly, all the listed positive effects are sustained longer and the possibility of adverse effects is reduced, compared to using pure ascorbic acid. All these qualities make AA-2G the most attractive vitamin C derivative for cosmetic use.


Feature: White cream colored powder

Water soluble

pH: 5.0-7.0


INCI name: Ascorbyl Glucoside

Cosmetic grade , CAS: 129499-78-1

For used as whitening active ingredient


Typical Application:

Antioxidant ,Lightening and brightening ,Treat hyperpigmentation ,Sun damage repair,

Sun dammage protection ,Stimulate collagen production ,Reduce fine lines and wrinkles


Typical use level : 1.0 % to 5.0%


Standard Packing : 1kg/ aluminum foil bag.

Shelf Life :2 years


Quality System :

Manufacture according to quality system registered to ISO 9001:2008